About Kimono Clips

Our Journey

Kimono Clips began with a love for Japanese textiles and has grown into a full line of beautiful and comfortable hair accessories. 

We understand hair clips should not only be beautiful, but also sturdy and able to hold hair securely. We pride ourselves in providing hair accessories that work for all hair types and that are handmade.

In 2022 our journey led us to a small valley in France, where we met a 5th generation family run company. 

We are excited to introduce our FRENCH HANDMADE line of hair accessories coming in 2023.

Our Process

Each Kimono Clip is individually made by a Maker who has expert skills in creating fabric covered hair clips.

Our Makers are fairly paid and able to work from home.

Many have built their own houses, raised families and been able to care for elderly relatives from the reliable income they earn.

In modern Japan, traditional Kimonos are worn far less often and this has shrunk the Kimono Fabric industry.  Kimono Clips has partnered with a family run workshop in Kyoto. Each Kimono Clip purchase supports these vanishing studios.

Our Philosophy

We believe in partnerships that are fair to all participants as a way of life and for business.

Our business is Woman run and owned and is now multigenerational. 

As world travelers we know hand made products contribute to keeping cultural heritage alive. 

Our commitment: Making a living can be joyful when we work together and help one another.