Unique Collection

Kimono Clips are the first and only traditional Japanese fabric covered hair accessories. For twelve years Kimono Clips have been sold in Boutiques, Museums, Botanical gardens and Gift Shops throughout the country. Our fabric covered hair clips make fantastic gifts, each one arrives in a velvet gift bag. Ethical business practices are the foundation of our company.

Hair Clip Shapes

Kimono Clips has curated a selection of hair clips that hold most hair types. If you have thick hair, fine or thin hair, curly hair, or long hair, Kimono Clips has a hair accessory for you!

Find a clip that holds your hair and build a collection. Please contact us with any questions about which clips might be best for you or as a gift.

Our Fabrics

We have partnered with a fifth generation fabric studio in Kyoto Japan. The extensive collection of vintage silk screens as well as contemporary designs offer colors and patterns sure to please your eye. Hitokoshi Chirimen is the finest thread of the Japanese fabrics. Our fabric covered hair clips are a useful and beautiful way to enjoy Japans rich textile heritage


Double Heart Clip

Pretty and strong with a unique shape, the Double Heart Clip slides in hair so easily even the tightest curls will be able to use it. The high arch and long teeth create the perfect hold for all hair types. It’s low and flat enough to be comfortable while driving or participating in Yoga and other sports

Medium Squeeze Clip

For a classic look, our Medium Squeeze is a perfect go to clip. Great for casual days or special occasions, the strong springs and sturdy construction is sure to make it a favorite in your Kimono Clips collection. Perfect for medium volume hair